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Our Story


Came into being from life challenges, founder being diagnosed with Major Depression and Anxiety, conversations with family, friends and community about mental health struggles. We wanted to bring awareness to this topic and removed the stigma attached. We all have gone through feelings of stress, pain, and feeling alone. In connecting with one another we identified a need for community healing, unity and growth. 

Here at BLK MTTR APRL we believe in passing along deeply thoughtful apparel designs to our customers so they can make a bold fashion statement as well as a reminder of the power of their mind and the light they have inside.  

We embrace an equitable business model that has allowed us to work collaboratively alongside artists, nonprofits, and mental health advocates.

Each person who engages with our brand leaves feeling empowered knowing that their story matters, they are supported and able to make a difference.

Our company is built on these intentions

  1. Bring awareness to mental health and illness
  2. Provide accessible self care resources, tools, and practices
  3. Bold Designs (That Represent the mind  (mental health and illness)
  4. Giving back and supporting our community The Bronx
  5. Cultivating elevating spaces to connect, learn , heal and grow. while destigmatizing conversations about mental health. 


Jamall (90TheArchitect) decided to start this brand at first to bring awareness to mental health because it had impacted him and others in the community due to the fact that they were not educated on depression, anxiety and the varying ways it manifested. Being an entrepreneur you need to have mental resilience so that became the connection he build with the entrepreneurial and creative communities into one. The brands slogan find your inner light represents the journey within to find our gifts. Us as a brand and movement we highlight creatives and entrepreneurs that are pursuing their dreams. All with the understanding is that we need to be aware of mental health of ourselves and others so we may be our best selves in business and life.  

BLK MTTR APRL's 1st Photoshoot 

From right to left 

Jamall Blake - CEO / Content Creator/ Mental Health Advocate 

Instagram: 90thearchitect 

Jahsyia F. - Artist / Brand Ambassador 

Instagram: infxmxus 

Andres C. - Producer -Recording Engineer / Brand ambassador 

Instagram: beatsbyghostwriter 

Andrea D. - Mental Health Advocate / Brand ambassador

Instagram: distractableme

Jalen H. - Recording Artist / Blogger/ Brand Ambassador 

Instagram: Hiphopsoul_jalen



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Our Gratitude

We are thankful for your purhase and know, your clothing will be comfortable and you will be helping a business grow. 

Blessings and Sage