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Your Story Matters Series : Feat SP-NYC

Steven, a very kind, humble, hardworking individual, much of what The Bronx represents. We discussed balancing work and his craft. As well as upcoming projects that will be in the works. He is working on a clothing line collaboration with Dulce Clothing. This will be another form of expression and media used to showcase his art. What i found interesting and something that we shared was the love of graffiti. "It's one of the first things I started doing and as time progressed the mediums I used changed but it always had the style and vibe of graffiti incorporated in some way". It's like being from the Bronx, you take the strength, grit, and determination and it becomes apart of who you are. Born and raised in The Bronx, Steven Perdomo comes from a Puerto Rican and Dominican background. His main craft is Mixed media and photography. What inspired Steven to pursue his passions started in his senior year in high school. It wasn’t until her attended college when he started doing much more with his craft. He says, “My last year of high school i got into graffiti but once i got into college i started doing more abstract pieces and trying to mix my graffiti with more abstract styles.” He continues on about how his inspirations have impacted him. “Definitely The Bronx art scene has been a big influence in my work. Whether it’s graffiti or photography there’s alot of great talent in The Bronx.” There’s a lot of great here in The Bronx indeed. All kinds. Graffiti is definitely something that is a big part of The Bronx because of hip hop. Graffiti art has always been another way of spreading a message. It’s way more than just artwork and colors put together on a wall and it’s not always vandalism either. Graffiti is just as important as a Mona Lisa or a Picasso. Steven’s participation in this project and with us at BlkMttrAprl was definitely much appreciated. He’s also an excellent example of why mental health is important, even for artists like himself, and is part of the reasons he participated in this project “I think as an artist, mental health is very important. Some days I’m not always in the mood to paint but once I do things that make me happy like checking out galleries to maybe just sitting at home and playing a great album just to give me some kind of push to keep creating.” Absolutely! Mental health is taking care of self. Doing things that help push you and motivate you. Always indulge in things that helps you and doesn’t destroy you. Very important. Steven then tells us about his goals and dreams he’s working to achieve. “I want to someday put together art shows in other places besides just NYC and also challenge myself creatively to see where my art can go.” Super dope! Definitely got to showcase that dope talent in other places. See the world. Let the world see you as well. Steven’s experience and knowledge on mental health started when he was in middle school and was diagnosed with ADHD. His years of therapy sessions really helped him understand how to handle situations and even himself. He says he just wants to better understand others as well and do the best he can to help them. Lastly, Steven says, “With my art, I just want to show people that art can be anything you want it to be, whether its painting or even photography. Everything is art and I hope when people see my work that it brings them joy.” Beautifully said. Love is all we need. Joy is perfect for this upcoming spring weather as well. It’s a sign of new beginnings and an artist spreading joy with his work is definitely a beautiful new beginning to a better person and then eventually a better world and place to be. 



Written by Jalen Hemphill


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