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Your Story Matters Series : Feat Christian A. Melendez

We met Rio during our run-in Purchase College. We were roommates at the time. Just coming into being with our creativity in different ways. It was during that time we connected through rap and poetry. He kicked ass in video games, hands down, the man is a beast. That focus and determination have flooded the other areas of his life. He truly went through a metamorphosis and is an outstanding human being. Christian Porfirio Melendez, another dope Bronx native born to a Nuyorican native mother named Yvonne and a Dominican immigrant father named Porfirio, is a rapper and songwriter whose journey, coming up as a child, his best way of expression was through words. Christian says, “I’ve understood English, Ebonics, and the grammar-related between the two ever since I could remember. Through them, I have been able to bridge the gap between others and understand people on a more personal level. I value that, greatly.” He continues on about his past reminiscing. “My parent’s journey, my trials, and tribulations physically, emotionally, spiritually, and the lessons I’ve learned from those on my own adventures. So much to talk about, always.” Now of course, we had to go further and ask Christian about his music projects. Anything currently he is working on, promoting, or any music altogether. He says, “I’m currently in the middle of completing my debut studio album. I’ve extremely excited about how it’s coming along and even more so for the world to hear it. Dream-wise? I want all my debts paid off (student loans mostly), to save up for a new car, and to have a comfortable stake in some stocks for later business investment.” Artists with an overall life plan. That’s great! Always want to work towards making your situations a lot better. That’s always the goal. Everything will eventually fall into place and things will change. His goals musically is for others to become familiar with him. Everything about him from what he does, where he’s been, what he’s done and to remind everyone who he is. Christian continues to reminisce. “I’ve been through various stretches of depression in my life and often fall into episodes of anxiety. I’m recently learning how to accept myself and my thoughts even more. My relationships have strengthened because of this and it’s molded me into a more focused and driven individual, even underestimating my own powers.” That’s beautiful! Can’t be able to love and accept others if you can’t love and accept yourself first. Everything starts within. He ends with, “All I ask others to do is mind other’s feelings. Being kind is such a simple act and I wish more people understood that. I love to put smiles on faces while enjoying what I love to do the most. Never forget that the world is much bigger than what is presented to you and you have the freedom to discover it. Just lead with good intentions.” Words of wisdom. Indeed. Christian is a great example of what we represent here at BLK MTTR APRL. Acceptance and honesty was Christian’s way of understanding not only himself but how to be mindful of others as well. Wanting to see others be happy had to start with himself. Can’t offer others what you can’t offer yourself. Also can’t grow if you don’t first understand what you yourself need to improve on and work on within. Mental is first, the body, mind, and soul follows after. We asked Christian what made him decide to participate in this project.  This project is another outlet for others to become familiar with me, what I do, and also remind me of who I am, where I’ve been and what I’ve done. We are happy that you shared your story with us and look forward to what is instore. 

FEATURE FRI by 90TheArchitect 

- Jalen Hemphill Blogger / R&B Artist Instagram @hiphopsoul_jalen 


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